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British Science Week: 11 - 17th March 2019

Home Learning Challenge


The British Science Week home learning challenge is back! This year, during British Science week, your children will be taking part in a fun science investigation in their classes. However, we are also setting a home learning challenge for anyone who would like to take part.

Simply send in a picture of your child completing a science-based activity at home with a short write up of what they did and send it into the school office by Friday 22nd March. Every child that enters will be given a certificate for their efforts and we will use some of the pictures and write ups to update our school’s science display board.

Here are some ideas that you might like to try:

  • Egg-drop challenge: Use your knowledge of everyday materials to design an egg catcher that can catch an egg from a height of 1 metre, without cracking!

  • Dancing raisons: Get yourself a bottle of lemonade and a box of raisons. Stuff as many raisons in the bottle and see what happens! (you might need to be outside for this one). You might like to write a prediction before you try it and a potential explanation afterwards.

  • Colour symphony: Pour some whole milk into a flat tray so it covers the bottom. Add 6-8 drops of different coloured food colouring into the milk in different places. Then, add about 5 drops of washing up liquid onto the food colouring and watch the show!

  • Pencil trick: Fill a plastic sandwich bag (or zip-lock bag) up with water and seal it at the top. Then, push through a sharp pencil from one side to the other. The pencils form a seal. See how many pencils you can push into the bag of water!


We hope you enjoy these science-y challenges and look forward to seeing some of the home learning you have been doing for National Science Week 2019! Why not get the whole family involved!

Good Luck!

Mr Webb (Science subject leader)