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Curriculum overview
We believe that all children have a right to a broad, balanced, relevant and exciting education which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account.
As a school we have redesigned our curriculum so that the objectives in the 2014 National Curriculum are taught in a creative and relevant way for the children.
Our curriculum is based on the following aims, which we have agreed as a staff.
We aim to:
  • Promote a love of learning
  • Cater for the needs of individual children of both sexes from all ethnic and social groups, including the most able and those who are experiencing learning difficulties
  • Facilitate children's acquisition of qualities, knowledge and skills which will help them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, morally and aesthetically, so that they may become independent, responsible, useful, thinking, confident and considerate members of the community
  • Create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment
  • Ensure that each child's education has continuity and progression
  • Ensure that there is a match between the child and the learning s/he is asked to perform
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and engages children
  • Recognise the crucial role which parents play in their children's education and make every effort to encourage parental involvement in the educational process
  • Treat children in a dignified way
  • Help children understand what makes learning successful and to develop learning dispositions which will enable them to have a growth mindset and be successful learners in life. These are the school’s 6Rs
  • Provide a curriculum that is relevant to the child and has links with the wider world in which they live
  • Promote a sense of awe and wonder of the world in which we live and to help develop spirituality.
Subject leaders have taken the objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum and have ensured that these are covered during the appropriate key stage. The breakdown of these objectives can be seen in our curriculum maps.
We have agreed 6 whole-school ‘umbrella topics’, which are: Healthy Lifestyles, Great Britain, Famous People, Communities, Our Wonderful World and Creativity and Performing.
Each base will undertake the same ‘umbrella’ topic at the same point during the year, enabling a clear pathway for the children during their time with us. Each base will vary the focus of the learning under each ‘umbrella topic’ so that there is progression. We aim for the children to have as much choice during the topics as possible, so if we were studying a sports person during the ‘Famous People' topic, we would aim for the children to choose who to study.
We will communicate with parents by providing a topic web, which outlines the learning for that topic. Copies of these will be available on our website.