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Values and Aims

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Welcome to our school website. We hope it gives a little flavour of some of the things that are happening in our school. We would be delighted to meet with you if you wish to know more about us.

Our values are very important to us and direct our work each day. We will get them wrong from time to time, but we commit to being learners and to do our best for each child and family in the school community.

Our tag line is "Learning Values for Life".

When you read it one way it emphasises the importance of learning values. These 6 R's are the foundation blocks for our learners and we really believe in their importance.

Read differently the tag line implies that we are about learning the values for life. These values are our spiritual values taken from Galations 5. Some values can help you make a living and others can help you make a life. These spiritual values are the values that will help you make a life!

The spiritual values that we hold dear are the fruits of the spirit, taken from the book of Galations in the bible. These are: faithfulnessgoodnessself-controlpeace, lovejoykindnessgentleness and patience.

The learning values we strongly believe in are the 6 R's of learning: ResilienceReflectiveness,ReciprocityResourcefulnessRespect and Responsibility.

We have developed our aims to really encompass our beliefs, our understanding of the learning process and our expectations of ourselves. The following are our aims for every member of the Verwood school community.

To develop:

  • Open, self-aware, self-disciplined leaders and learners
  • A culture of learning from mistakes, being open to vulnerability, forgiving ourselves and others and committing to improve
  • A climate of sharing spiritual values and trust

A well known group of educationalists view how intelligent a school is in nine ways. So how smart is Verwood CE First School?


Strategic Intelligence (understanding childrens needs)
The governing body have analysed their leadership of the school in line with new Ofsted expectations. They have undertaken a skills audit and reflected on their personal and collective contribution. The school believes that governance is a strong area for the school. We continue to add to our team and believe that the values and skills of new members will strengthen it.

Academic Intelligence (how well the children achieve)
Our teaching and learning policy carries the statement 'we believe that pupil progress is the measure of teaching and learning and every child has the right to be taught well'. For the last five years our results demonstrate that we have taught our children well!

Reflective Intelligence (reflecting)
We welcome feedback from all stakeholders. Feedback from parents and children is of paramount importance to us. Difficult feedback is sometimes hard to hear but can be very influential in improving our practice.

Pedagogical Intelligence (learning)
Learning is our core purpose. Learning will always be the fundamental feature of school development. There is a culture of challenge and reflection on learning. Other important issues and initiatives will not distract us from our core purpose. Learning is the key feature of our school development.

Collegial Intelligence (teamwork)
All staff believe this is a strength of the school. The open plan nature of the building and the working in teams helps this collegiality. Teachers have strong communication and constantly share ideas to improve practice.

Emotional Intelligence (understanding feelings)
Emotional intelligence is to do with a schools capacity to allow the feelings of both pupils and staff to be owned, expressed and respected. Our aim is to be a very emotionally intelligent organisation. This is extremely difficult and requires great focus and integrity.

Spiritual Intelligence (understanding spirituality)
The school firmly believes that the foundation of Verwood CE First School is the Lord Jesus Christ. Our values are at the centre of our actions, decision making and relationships. The teachers and governors have spent sessions reflecting on our values and mission. Our ethos is defined by the values we uphold. All members of the school team strongly support our CE status regardless of personal beliefs.

Ethical Intelligence (moral purpose)
Common shared values underpin this schools moral purpose and principles. The teaching and learning policy reflects our committment to entitlement for all. As a school we are aware of and celebrate our strengths and seek continual improvement. Organisations must always ask the following two questions:
What do we stand for?
Why do we exist?

Successful organisations, through constant monitoring, adapt to a changing environment without losing sight of core values. We believe that our values underpin our school success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

With kind regards

Adam Parsons
Head Teacher