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Welcome to Willow Base
Year 3 

The School Day:
8:30am Willow Base Doors Open
8:40am Registration
9:00am Learning Starts
10:40 - 10:55am KS2 Breaktime
12:00-12:55pm Lunch
1:00 - 1:30pm Worship
3:00pm School day ends for Willow 


Willow Base topics:
Autumn Term 

- All About Me - Dem Bones

- Great Britain - Stone Age 
Spring Term

- Significant Individuals - Children's Choice
- Our Wonderful World - Jurassic Coast
Summer Term

- Communities - Romans
- Lets Create and Perform


Willow Base team:

The teachers in Willow Base are Mr Webb and Miss Snow and our fantastic Teaching Assistant is Mr Bishopp.


Information about Willow Base:

Mr Webb is the base leader and plans all of our activities with Miss Snow.
In Willow Base our learning is fun! Our base is set up with a range of resources and colourful interactive learning boards which help us become independent learners! 

Our topic changes every half term and all of our learning is linked to our topic.

In Willow Base we have after school clubs during the Spring and Summer terms where we enjoy clubs such as jewellery making, Cookery, Dance and Board Games.

We follow the 6 R’s which help us to become; Responsible, Resilient, Respectful, Resourceful, Reflective and Reciprocal learners. If you show one of the 6R's you will be rewarded a gem, which will contribute towards base gem jar reward days.

Every Friday we have 'choosing time' as a reward for being excellent learners. If you are recognised being one of the 'R's' on more than one occasion during the course of the week then you may be chosen to do an extra special activity during 'choosing time'. During choosing time, some children can use the ICT suite. If you are always showing the Rs you could go on the pot of gold and take part in an extra special activity.

Willow Base Governors are : Mrs Sophie Quinn and Mrs Jane Mearns.


Picture 1 Our Base!
Picture 2 Our Base!
Picture 3 Support Room/Role Play Area