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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 10/02/2023

We have had a busy final week of the half term.  There is always so much to do in Nursery!

Our book this week is “The Elves and The Shoemaker.”  The children have heard two versions of the story.  We have used small world to re-enact the story with some interesting additional characters too.  Our Personal Development book has been “The Jar of Happiness.” We have used this to talk about what makes us happy and how we can help others to feel happy.  The Shoemaker and the Elves made each other happy by helping each other.

We have used wellington boots to print with, designed our own pair of shoes and decorated trainers with repeating patterns.  This has also been used to support the idea of mixing colours to create a new colour.

We have practiced the concept of subitising – looking at a group of objects and knowing how many there are.  We have played gams with a large dice in order to practice this idea.  In addition, we have practiced number rhymes including a Nursery favourite – Dr Knickerbocker.  We have counted shoes, jumps, claps, fruit and children.

The children decided that they would like to make some playdough to take home with them – all sorts of varieties were created.  We look forward to seeing some homemade creations on Class Dojo.  Again, this was a great opportunity to look at mixing colours.

Junk modelling continues to be a very popular activity and was requested again this week.  As has gardening.  We have spent time sweeping leaves, watering the pepper plants and discovering some daffodils peeping through in one of our large pots. 

We had some great fun with magnetic blocks, large magnets and a piece of guttering.  The children used the magnets to move the blocks along the guttering.

Nursery was lucky enough to be gifted a till and some play money.  We have had lots of different shops opening up in Nursery.  These have included a shoe shop and a cake shop.

We have played the game “Who Knows Whose Nose”, Household sounds listening games, Colourful Clowns and a turn taking Lego building game. 

Pine cones and pipe cleaners have been a great addition to our funky fingers rotation and have created some great patterns. 

We have, during our PE session investigated different ways to move – like an elf, like a shoemaker, in big, heavy boots and in little dancing shoes. 

In the woodland area we were able to explore the dens, mud kitchen, balancing beams, stepping stones and tunnels.

Happy Half Term to all of our families.  We look forward to seeing you all for lots more fun in Spring 2.