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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 05/05/2023

This week we have talked about the upcoming King’s Coronation.  We have made Union Jack bunting to decorate the School and Nursery with and practiced our songs for Fridays Celebrations.   We have read the books “The Kings Coronation” and “The Colourful Coronation”

We have practiced the walk for the whole school parade and decorated some beautiful crowns to wear on Friday.   The windows of Nursery have been decorated with all sorts of Coronation themed pictures.

The children have help to prepare a special Coronation picnic which has included jelly and chocolate coated breadsticks.  We wore our crowns whilst we enjoyed the tasty treats.  We have made red, white and blue flags to wave too.  Many of the children are now able to recognise this colour combination as “The Union Jack”

Our key text is “My Granny Went to Market” The children have enjoyed trying to remember all of the things that Granny collected on her trip around the world.  We have talked about what we would choose to take with us on a trip, where we would go and who we would like to take with us.  There have been some wonderful suggestions including going to Australia, to a castle, to the park and to see Grandma.  Lots of children would buy ice cream along the way!

We have enjoyed acting out the story and our own ideas based on this using the Happy Land resources. 

We have used potatoes and carrots to paint red, white and blue with, we have used hair conditioner to mark make with and to create super soft, apple scented cloud dough and salted caramel playdough.

We have played the Noisy Neighbour games as part of our phonics learning.  This involves listening to a sound without seeing what is making the sound.  The children are then encouraged to think what might be making the sound.  

Using the whiteboard, we have, as a who group, practiced initial and name recognition.  The children have had the opportunity to use the whiteboard to write their own name or initial too. 

We have been closely watching our apple tree. The children were able to observe that there was more blossom than last week and that the flowers are now bigger.  The children knew that the rain and the sunshine have helped the flowers to grow.  We also continue to watch our pepper plants develop and change.  We are so excited to see the progress of the pepper already taking shape.

Our school ready children continue to eat lunch in the school hall, and we are so proud of how they have responded to this and come back into Nursery eager to tell us all about having lunch in “Big School”

We have played games such as “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” on the school field, used the play track on the main playground and had a disco party during out wake and shake sessions.

What an exciting week we have had!