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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Nursery Weekly Blog - 30/06/2023

Another busy week at Nursery, with so much to enjoy and keep us all busy.  We have enjoyed as much outside learning as possible.  This has included hoops, balls, bikes, hoops and of course water play in the Nursery garden.  We have enjoyed basketball, bean bag games and mark making on the main school playground. 

The half term is moving quickly and we have been looking at moving and transitions – whether this be to a new school or to be a Hedgehog in Nursery.  We have read the text “This is the Way we Go to School” This looks at how children around the world go to school.   We have used this to talk about our similarities and differences.  We also investigated the different ways which we all come to Nursery.  We created a pictorial representation of this on the whiteboard and we were able to talk about how many people used each mode of transport and which was the most popular. 

We talked about the ways that we would like to go to school – planes, boats and horses were some of the suggestions offered.

We have played “What’s in my Hoop” phonics game as part of the Unlocking Letters and Sounds scheme, practiced our initials on the whiteboard and read a broad variety of books both fiction and non-fiction.  The children enjoyed a trip to the school Library and were able to bring some books back to Nursery for us to share throughout the week.

We have looked at shapes.  The children have played shape match games, shape puzzles and have drawn around shapes, cut them out and used them to create a picture. 

We have played a Logo matching game – the children were able to recognise a range of logos and were able to say where many of these were used, for example the Colgate for cleaning teeth and Starbucks for Coffee.

We have been very lucky to receive some new home corner resources curtesy of the Friends of Verwood.  These include a rug, vacuum cleaner, baby changing unit, world map puzzles and a large selection of play animals. We are very grateful for these and the children have already enjoyed making good use of these already. 

Friday afternoon was a real highlight with our Sports Afternoon on the school field.  Despite the change in the weather, we were able to enjoy a range of games, with the help of EMS Sports leaders.  The children all had a fantastic time and were real superstars and it was fantastic to see many parents cheering on the teams. 

What a fantastic way to end a busy week!  We look forward to lots more fun next week as we enter the last month of the school year.