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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Ash Weekly Blog - 24/1/2020

This week we really enjoyed sewing in DT on Friday (Liam), learning new skills in maths (Summer S) and beginning to learn about rugby in PE (Tommy).


A magic memory was when some children represented the school at the football tournament (Ollie), learning about rationing (Olivia D) and learning the Charleston in PE (Ben).


We had to be reflective whilst we were writing our book reviews as part of morning challenge (Heath) and resilient whilst we were sewing (Leona).


We needed to show a growth mind-set attitude in maths as it was tricky but we persevered (Poppy) and during our sewing (Christopher).  


We are looking forward to finishing off our ‘make do and mend’ bags (Ciaran) and learning more about WWII (Leonie).