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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Ash Weekly Blog - 14/10/2022

This week I have enjoyed our Harvest festival and all the songs and I got to say some lines (Reggie)

This week I enjoyed making clay pots and painting them. (Avani)

This week I enjoyed PE because we did chest passes and played chaos tag.  We had to trust our partner so we didn’t bang into the wall. (Dylan)

I was off sick so when I came back I had to catch up and show resilience. (Amelia)

I had to use resilience when I made my clay pot to get in a good shape. It was bumpy but it didn’t matter because that’s what the Roman pots would have been like. (Charlie)

I have enjoyed adding in thousands and have had to be resourceful. (Henry)

I am looking forward to practising the class assembly. (Hetty)

I am looking forward to our gem jar reward. (Molly)

I am looking forward to the music man and making different tunes and sounds. (Brooke)