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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

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  • 13/11/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 8/11/2019

    What a great first week back after our half-term break!   The children have loved exploring our new topic – The Great Fire of London. On our Immersion day, the children posed questions that they wished to answer through our new topic learning, they made predictions about how the fir...
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  • 06/11/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 25/10/2019

    Bobbi – “I liked learning how the weather can affect our lives.” Izzy – “I enjoyed making pictograms.” Lexi – “Read, Write, Inc. was fun this week.” Summer and Shane loved PE this week. The children enjoyed working as a team to move into...
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  • 23/10/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 18/10/2019

    Lorenzo – I really liked painting in the style of Claude Monet this afternoon! Parker – I really liked Maths this week because we did some really fun learning. Oscar – I enjoyed choosing because I was reciprocal with my friends. Samuel – The learning that stuck with...
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  • 16/10/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 11/10/2019

    Ryan – When I fell in the learning pit in Literacy but I got back out of it! Shane – When I got stuck in the learning pit I managed to get out, I did some more learning at home Jake – I loved writing my Magic Box poem because it was exciting and I used my imagination Loren...
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  • 09/10/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 4/10/2019

    We’ve had a great week in Beech! We have been learning all about how to keep healthy, focusing our literacy learning on healthy eating. Mrs Smith kindly came in to cook healthy snacks with us on our Science and DT day. We also designed a healthy plate of food and made posters to help people un...
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  • 02/10/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 27/9/2019

    Jazzy – My magic moment is when we were doing Maths, I got a little stuck and was in the learning but then I got back up and completed my learning!   Ryan – My magic moment is when I was in Maths with Mr Webb. I did some learning about the world!   Shane – Whe...
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  • 26/09/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 20/9/19

    Jade: My magic moment was learning how to use dienes in my maths learning. Sophie: My magic moment was when I got my name on the rainbow board for lovely learning. Erin: I was proud of myself for getting onto the rainbow for learning with a friend. Oscar: I showed resilience in maths this w...
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  • 18/07/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 12/7/2019

    This week I have enjoyed doing our assembly my favourite bit was the tight rope walker Mae B Elsie Mae I enjoyed doing the front cover of my leaflet for Sycamore Base to tell them about Beech Base. Ben l I had to be resilient reading my complaint letter in the class assembly. I felt nervous...
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  • 11/07/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 5/7/2019

    Lauren - I have enjoyed going into Willow Base and meeting our new teachers. Olivia -  I have enjoyed doing some art in Willow Base. Bethany -  I have enjoyed writing letters to Mr Webb about our plant experiments.  Neve – I saw children showing kindness at playtime whe...
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  • 03/07/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 28/6/19

    Flynn - I have enjoyed doing my unaided writing Dylan -  I have enjoyed practising for our class assembly Theodore -  I have enjoyed reading.  Mya -  I felt spiritual when I looked at the pictures in the spirituality area. Neve -  I loved doing PE with Elliot as...
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  • 27/06/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 21/6/19

    Neve “I am looking forward to Mrs Boreham turning the courtyard into a spiritual place.” Ben L “I noticed Charlie showing great manners to another child.” Dylan “When I went outside on my own as I had some peace I felt spiritual.” We really enjoyed making...
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  • 19/06/19

    Beech Weekly Blog - 14/6/19

    We are looking forward to our gem jar reward on Tuesday I have really enjoyed looking at our seeds growing, especially the ones with no soil – Flynn I liked writing my unaided writing and complaining to the circus – Oliver We are looking forward to another cricket morning with A...
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