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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Beech Weekly Blog - 16/10/2020

My magic memory of the week was writing my Oliver’s Vegetables story plan! (Aaron)

My magic memory of the week was cheese tasting! (Maisie)

This week I enjoyed learning all about how cows make cheese. (Dylan)

I was being reflective when we improved our sentences in Literacy. (Theo)

I stumbled in the learning pit when I was stuck on a comprehension question in Read, Write, Inc. I asked my learning partner for help! (Maisie)

I enjoyed Worship on Tuesday because we learnt about generosity and giving up something for each other – sacrifice. (Darcie)

I am looking forward to learning column addition! (Matilda & Finley)

Joke of the Week! – What do you call a rollercoaster that is a ghost?

                                      A roller-ghoster!    (William R)