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Beech Weekly Blog - 23/10/2020

My magic memory of the week was playing with my friends (Alexa)

My magic memory of the week was when I took part in the Harvest Festival. I enjoyed seeing it and seeing all of the families (Aaron)

This week I enjoyed learning all about subtraction number sentences (Joe)

I was being reflective in Literacy when I had to read the text and answer questions (Molly)

I stumbled in the learning pit when I was doing my independent writing because I got some of my words confused. I was proud of my writing in the end (Finley)

I enjoyed Worship on Friday because it was our ‘Virtual Harvest Festival’! (Phoebe)

I am looking forward to learning all about The Great Fire of London! (All)

Joke of the Week! – Why did the skeleton not go to the party?

                             Because he had no body to go with!    (Jack)