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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Beech Weekly Blog - 09/07/2021

This week we have enjoyed making my mask because it gave me joy. (Aaron)

I have enjoyed doing my maths using big numbers and putting them in order. (Hetty)

I enjoyed making my mask and using feathers. (Zak)

We have shown respect when I was playing the tickle monster game with my friends. (Liana)

I was resilient when I was trying to count the corners on a cube. (Olivia)

I was resourceful when I was using 3D shapes in maths. (Darcie)

I stumbled in the learning pit when I was doing my maths. I kept counting the edges but it was hard to know when to stop. (Lucy)

I was also in the learning pit when I had to count the faces on the 3Dshapes. (Brooke)

Next week we are looking forward to the GetSet Tokyo fun run. (Evie)

I am looking forward to learning more about 3D shapes. (Amelia)