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  • 28/09/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 25/9/2020

    This week I enjoyed chalking you and your on the playground (Wilf) This week I enjoyed writing in my maths no problem text book (Lydia) My magic moment was playing maths games (Mckenzie) Something I have learnt this week new sounds! (Lily) Next week I am looking forward to seeing if the...
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  • 21/09/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 18/9/2020

    This week I enjoyed my maths learning (Joshua) This week I enjoyed playing with my friends outside (Noah) This week I enjoyed making bird feeders! (Sofia) My magic moment was seeing how quickly school goes by ready for the weekend! (Evie) My magic moment was making up a new animal in Lit...
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  • 16/09/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 11.9.2020

    We have had a lovely first week back at school! It was so nice to finally meet all the children and start getting to know them. Next week we are looking forward to making bird feeders and continuing with our ‘Here We Are’ learning. Thank you all for your patience and support this week.
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  • 16/03/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 13/3/2020

    We have had a lovely week in school, and have really got into our new topic this week! We have been questioning; ‘why do we love living beside the seaside so much?’ and the children have been engaging in lots of discussion about urban, rural and coast locations. We have also launched ERI...
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  • 10/03/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 6/3/2020

    This week I enjoyed World Book Day. I dressed up as Mildred from the Worst Witch! (Maisie) I enjoyed Friday’s praise worship. (Sophia A) I was being Reciprocal when we were on the school trip because my partner lost their water bottle. We worked as a team to find it! (Matilda) We were...
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  • 02/03/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 28/2/2020

    My magic memory of the week is writing about half term (Amelia) This week I enjoyed learning about our Eco Code and singing the plastic ocean song (Brooke) I was being Reciprocal when we were trying to work as a team to make our painting lighter. (Zak) I stumbled in the learning pit when in...
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  • 24/02/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 14/2/2020

    This week I enjoyed doing our class assembly. The best bit was doing the space walk. (Rose)   This week I enjoyed all of my maths learning. (Sidney)   I was Responsible because I did all of my home learning. (Scarlett)   When we were practicing for the class assembly...
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  • 10/02/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 7/2/2020

    My magic memory of the week was when Bob came in and showed us moon rocks and the planetarium. I enjoyed making a spaceship out of junk modelling. (Maisie)   I liked it when we went in the black balloon. I also enjoyed all of my maths learning this week. (Joe)   At playtime tod...
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  • 03/02/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 31/1/2020

    I really enjoyed the Science day on Monday. We did an experiment to find out the best material for a space suit. (Amelia)   I really enjoyed cooking with Mrs Smith. We all got to make moon rock! (Evie)   We are all really enjoying practising for our class assembly and are excit...
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  • 28/01/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 24/1/2020

    I enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong and painting the planets. (Joe)   This week I enjoyed painting the sun. (Oliver)   I was being Resilient when we were painting the planets because I couldn’t find the right shade. I kept trying and trying and then I got it. (Alexa...
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  • 20/01/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 17/1/2020

    My magic memory of the week is learning different facts about Neil Armstrong. (Evie)   This week I enjoyed learning about how special our world is (Sidney)   I was being Reflective when I was improving my writing (Matilda)   I stumbled in the learning pit when I was...
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  • 13/01/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 10/1/2020

    I enjoyed making a Space Lego set with my partner. (Maisie) I was helping Ava in Maths today. (Sidney) I was being Reciprocal when me and Dylan were making our Space model. (Ciaran) I had to be Resilient when me and Sidney were making our alien because it was hard and we had to get the righ...
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