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  • 15/07/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 09/07/2021

    This week we started learning about our third country – Japan! I have learnt that Japan…  …is where sushi is from (Adam). …has pretty cherry blossom trees (Gracie). I want to find out  …what Japanese symbols mean (Alice). … whether...
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  • 07/07/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 02/07/2021

    We have had a lovely week in Sycamore base! We continued our travels around the world and wrote some lovely postcards to Mr Parsons all about Tobago! We also had a great sports day, participating in lots of activities including scoring goals, an obstacle course and egg and spoon race! Although we we...
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  • 25/06/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 18/06/2021

    This week I liked playing Wanabi. It is a traditional Australian game (Mason L and Sofia) I have learnt about Australia. When it is Winter here it is Summer in Australia! (Esmae) This week I have enjoyed creating a fact file about Australia. (Lottie) This week I learnt about two Australian...
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  • 14/06/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 11/06/2021

    This week we have started our new topic! We will be looking at 3 different books set in different cultures and countries. First up, is the Rainbow Serpent set in Australia. The Rainbow Serpent is about a serpent creating the world! (Sophie) My favourite part of the story was when the Rainbow S...
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  • 09/06/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 28/05/2021

    My magic moment was… Making our Victoria sponge, it was yummy! (Essie) Giving instructions for a robot in ICT (Alice) Making a bird’s nest outside during playtime with Noah (Mason L) This week I have enjoyed Maths. (Lottie) This week I have learnt how to count on and back...
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  • 24/05/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 21/05/2021

    My magic moment was handwriting when we used shaving foam to write our words -Alice This week I have learnt making friends makes you happy and you can make friends with different children -Gracie and Lydia My magic moment was going to the ICT suite (Leo). This week I have learnt what the Vi...
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  • 17/05/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 14/05/2021

    My magical moment this week was ....... Doing gymnastics and learning the straddle. (Lottie) When we drew a self-portrait. (Emily) Seeing the caterpillars grow – Essie This week I have learnt..... How to use a place value chart. (Leo) That jelly babies were made in Victorian...
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  • 10/05/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 07/05/2021

    My magical moment this week was…. When my tooth fell out (Gracie) Using quills and making the cup and ball game and dressing up on Victorian Day.  (Emily and Sofia) This week I have learnt ….. Children had to pay to go to school or be punished, maybe with the Dunces Ha...
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  • 10/05/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 30/04/2021

    My magic moment from this week was seeing my friends and earning gems (Gracie) This week I have learnt about some Victorian objects – carbolic soap was used for everything, even chamberpots (Ava and Adam). In Worship this week we have been focussing on friendship. A good friend is helpfu...
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  • 28/04/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 23/04/2021

    My magic moment from this week was making a spinning top like the Victorians used to play with (Chloe) My magic moment from this week was making a bug hotel on Earth Day! (Ellie) My magic moment from this week was…playing and seeing my friends after Easter (Alice H), learning what our I...
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  • 28/03/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 26/03/2021

    This week I enjoyed doing PE with Elliot. (Kane) I enjoyed numbers this week when we did doubles and addition. (Sofia-Rose) I enjoyed thinking of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. (Daniel) I have learnt what a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore is! (Emma) I was doing some learnin...
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  • 20/03/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 19/03/2021

    This week I enjoyed ...… playing with my friends outside (Ava) Doing ICT (everyone) My magic moment was …... PSHE and coming up with kind words (Lydia) Looking for animals in the woodland area (Gracie) Something I have learnt this week …... about amphibians...
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