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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

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  • 20/01/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 17/1/2020

    My magic memory of the week is learning different facts about Neil Armstrong. (Evie)   This week I enjoyed learning about how special our world is (Sidney)   I was being Reflective when I was improving my writing (Matilda)   I stumbled in the learning pit when I was...
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  • 13/01/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 10/1/2020

    I enjoyed making a Space Lego set with my partner. (Maisie) I was helping Ava in Maths today. (Sidney) I was being Reciprocal when me and Dylan were making our Space model. (Ciaran) I had to be Resilient when me and Sidney were making our alien because it was hard and we had to get the righ...
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  • 18/12/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 13/12/2019

    This week I enjoyed making a paper chain in RE, creating tea lights and going on Oddizzi. (Ben)   I enjoyed doing our Nativity performance! (Delilah)   I enjoyed watching the other groups do their performances. They tried really hard to be resilient and make it perfect for the...
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  • 10/12/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 6/12/19

    This week I enjoyed singing and practicing for our production. (Molly)   I enjoyed going in the ICT suite and creating pictures using a paint programme. (Matilda and Ben)   I was being Resilient with the singing this week. (Renato)   I wanted to give up with my writi...
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  • 04/12/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 29/11/2019

    Another busy week in Sycamore base! We have been busy starting rehearsals for our Christmas nativity this week. We have given all children dancing or speaking roles if they requested them so please keep an eye out in your child’s book bags for any lines that may need to be learnt and some acti...
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  • 28/11/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 22/11/2019

    My magic memory of the week is going to the new school library because I got to read lots of books. (Jack) This week I enjoyed mufti day on Friday! (Ben I was being Resilient when I was doing my writing with Mrs Boyle. (Oliver) Next week, I am looking forward to doing a quiz in the library...
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  • 20/11/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 15/11/2019

    My magic memory of the week was all of our Vocabulary day! (Oliver) I really enjoyed doing some art when we played Pictionary. (Matilda) I was being Resilient and not giving up when I did writing. (Joe) I was Responsible when someone fell over and I helped them up. (Nova) I enjoyed the p...
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  • 13/11/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 8/11/2019

    My magic memory of the week is when we made origami cats. (Joe) I was being Resilient when I made my origami cat. (Alexa) I persevered when I did my self-portrait. (Dylan) I enjoyed Read, Write, Inc this week. (Sophia A) I am looking forward to dressing up as a word next Friday. (Oliver...
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  • 06/11/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 25/10/19

    My magic memory of the week is walking around Verwood and seeing the church. (Olivia)   This week I enjoyed learning about number that make 10. (Molly)   I was being Resilient in RWI reading with my partner. (Delilah)   I stumbled in the learning pit when I was readi...
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  • 23/10/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 18/10/2019

    I liked when we had our gem jar reward. Dyland I loved the chocolate biscuits and milkshakes. Sophia The Sycamore Cinema was fun. Oliver I enjoyed spending my day with my friends. Matilda I liked making a Spiderman, Batman and Flash mask. Sidney I’ve been responsible as this wee...
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  • 16/10/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 11/10/2019

    My magic memory of the week is doing journaling for the first time in maths. (Matilda) This week I enjoyed learning about fewer and greater in maths. (Amelia) I was being Resilient when I was writing my name. (Dylan) I stumbled in the learning pit when we were writing numbers in our books u...
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  • 09/10/19

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 4/10/2019

    Wow what a busy week in Sycamore base! The children have been counting backwards, writing all about what makes them special, creating Art in the style of George Seurat and writing prayers for our Harvest Festival. A huge thank you for all the donations of food, these are on their way to the local fo...
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