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  • 28/03/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 26/03/2021

    This week I enjoyed doing PE with Elliot. (Kane) I enjoyed numbers this week when we did doubles and addition. (Sofia-Rose) I enjoyed thinking of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. (Daniel) I have learnt what a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore is! (Emma) I was doing some learnin...
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  • 20/03/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 19/03/2021

    This week I enjoyed ...… playing with my friends outside (Ava) Doing ICT (everyone) My magic moment was …... PSHE and coming up with kind words (Lydia) Looking for animals in the woodland area (Gracie) Something I have learnt this week …... about amphibians...
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  • 20/03/21

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 12/03/2021

    This week I enjoyed ….... seeing everyone (Sophie) Doing PE (Florence) Washing up after art! (Lewis) My magic moment was ….... When I got to see all my friends (Sienna) Something I have learnt this week ….... some more tricky words and remembered what a equa...
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  • 15/12/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 11/12/2020

    This week I enjoyed … Making our Christmas cards (Emma) Making paper chains to show what we are thankful for in RE (Dolly) Doing my maths workbook (Lottie) Something I have learnt this week ... The ‘oo’ sound in RWI (Sofia-Rose) I have been … Practisi...
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  • 10/12/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 4/12/2020

    This week I enjoyed … my learning taking away in maths -Dolly My magic moment was … finding out Santa is coming- Elle Something I have learnt this week … about dance and my heart in PE- Emma Next week I am looking forward to … our Christmas song -Chloe Next we...
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  • 02/12/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 27/11/2020

    This week I enjoyed … PE with Mrs Boyle learning caterpillar walks – Emma Playing outside – Maison Z My magic moment was … singing our Christmas song –Kane The action worship with Miss Tizzard – Mason L Something I have learnt this week … lear...
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  • 24/11/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 20/11/2020

    This week I enjoyed … Being with my teachers and learning (Isaac) Writing about Miss North and Miss Burrow’s trip to Verwood (Lottie) Going outside for PE (Maison Z) This week I have been… Resilient when I was trying to write and I kept on trying (Mason L...
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  • 17/11/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 13/11/2020

    This week I enjoyed … Lydia – playing harlequin with my friends. Lucy- Playing with Gracie Mason – Listening to stories. My magic moment was … Isabel – Going on the computers. Tom – Miss North and Miss Burrows on their trip around Verwood So...
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  • 09/11/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 9/11/2020

    This week I enjoyed … our pyjama day! (George) My magic moment was … doing my writing on Friday (Isabelle) Something I have learnt this week … how to make an origami cat (Chloe) Next week I am looking forward to … going to the computer room again! (Kane)
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  • 26/10/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 23/10/2020

    Thank you so much for all of your donations for our Harvest worship today, we are really grateful. Miss Watts will be donating it all to a local food bank after half term. Keep an eye out in your child’s book bag for a letter regarding our Gem Jar – pyjama party! This will be on the f...
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  • 21/10/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 16/10/2020

    This week I enjoyed … doing literacy and learning. (Harrison) My magic moment was … asking questions (Tom) Something I have learnt this week …set 3 sounds (Lucy) Something I have learnt this week …More tricky words (Jack) Next week I am looking forward to...
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  • 10/10/20

    Sycamore Weekly Blog - 9/10/2020

    We have had another lovely week in Sycamore! This week, the children used role play to act out the story of Giraffe’s Can’t Dance and the Three Little Pigs. We loved seeing their expression and use of repetitive phrases! We have also been using Google Earth to locate England, and Verwood...
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