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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Sycamore Weekly Blog - 11/06/2021

This week we have started our new topic! We will be looking at 3 different books set in different cultures and countries. First up, is the Rainbow Serpent set in Australia.

The Rainbow Serpent is about a serpent creating the world! (Sophie)

My favourite part of the story was when the Rainbow Serpent made the mountains (Chloe)

We learnt some new words this week too! A new word I learnt was uncoiled it means if something is wrapped around in a circle and then if you uncoil something, it isn’t wrapped anymore (Tom)

My favourite part of the week was learning about the animals that live in Australia like koala and a kangaroo. We also learnt what a boomerang was. (McKenzie)

This week I liked listening to the story of the Rainbow Serpent (Emma)

My favourite part was painting with spices and water outside just like Aboriginal Autralians (Alice)