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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Sycamore Weekly Blog - 09/07/2021

This week we started learning about our third country – Japan!

I have learnt that Japan…

 …is where sushi is from (Adam).

…has pretty cherry blossom trees (Gracie).

I want to find out

 …what Japanese symbols mean (Alice).

… whether school is the same in Japan (Lily).

In worship we learnt about respecting others. An opinion is… what somebody thinks (Maisie).

A way to respectfully disagree is…

…I think something different (Amelia B).

…It doesn’t matter if we don’t agree (Evan).

My magic moment this week was…

… Writing about Japan (Jack)

Next week I am looking forward to learning more about going to year2 – Mason L

On Monday we have our Japanese gem jar day. We are very excited!

This week I have enjoyed my blossom tree art - Ellie

This week I have learned about Japan, the clothes they wear, pandas and blossom trees -  Chloe

This week I have been reciprocal in PE with Elliot working with my partner doing different throws - Evie

A new word I have learned is specific I know it means lots of details – Emma and Ellie