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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Sycamore Weekly Blog - 01/10/2021

This week I enjoyed:

Reading and learning about lost and found. (Ellie)

Coming up with our own ideas for lost and found. (Noah)

Maths learning using the multilink (Dylan)

Our base worships (Eva)

My magic moment was:

Building our very own Got-It City display (Charlotte)

Logging onto the computers. (Toby)

Helping each other on the computers and being reciprocal. (Freya)

Something I have learnt this week:

Is more, less and the same. (Bethany)

Are new sounds. (Harry)

Our new phonics sounds (Ruby)

Some new words of the week (Joshua D)

Next week I am looking forward to:

Writing our recycled story ‘Lost and Found: The Spy and The Robot’ (Mabel)

Going on the computers. (Millie)

My birthday! (Oli)

This week we relaunched our growth mindset, learning about the journey from stuck island through challenge ocean to got it city.

I was in challenge ocean when:

I was trying to blend new words (Matthew).

I was practicing my tracing. (Logan)

I was trying to log onto the computers. (Issac)

In our maths learning we learnt new words fewer and less than (Tommy)