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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Sycamore Weekly Blog - 15/10/2021

This week I enjoyed …

Playing with our friends (Emily S and Joshua J)

Doing our counting and part part whole (Sophie)

Going on the computers, we were really resilient. (Hugo)

Playing with the Fruit of the Spirit Leaders (Amber)

My magic moment was …

Harvest Festival (Caitlyn)

Helping other people to log onto the computers. (Toby)

Learning ‘ph’ sound, it was very tricky but I got it. (Freya)

Getting head teacher’s award. (Macie)

Something I have learnt this week …

Doing our number bonds (Dylan)

To use the shift button on the computer. (Joseph)

Learning that Neil Armstrong said “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (Joshua HJ)

That Chris Hadfield is an astronaut. (Thomas and Ethan)

Next week I am looking forward to …

Our Gem Jar Day! (Imogen)

Gem jar! (All)

I was in challenge ocean when…

In maths my number bonds to 5 (Joshua J)

Doing my maths learning and ordering numbers. (Elsie)

Doing my home learning. (Jenson)

When I was doing my reading. (Jaxon)