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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Sycamore Weekly Blog - 13/01/2023

My magic memory of the week was in History seeing baby pictures of Mr Dear.

This week I enjoyed learning about numbers to 20 and jumping along the floor tiles outside.

I was in Challenge Ocean when I was writing my recount sentences.

I am looking forward to exploring the old toys more in History.

Joke of the Week! – What's brown and sticky? A stick!


I enjoyed this week learning about the past and looking at old toys. Neave. 

My magic moment was dance. Kayleigh. 

I was in challenge ocean when I first started beavers. Rufus. 

I was in challenge ocean when I was practising precursive. Annalise.  

Next week I am looking forward to more history box!

We showed respect when sitting on the carpet. George .  

We also really enjoyed reading the tiger who came for tea, and today we designed our own tea parties.