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  • 09/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 4/10/2019

    I have enjoyed doing the reading in the mornings as I find it peaceful.  Isla I have enjoyed maths as its been tricky but it has been really good.  Telulah I have enjoyed literacy when we started writing our literacy plans for our non-chronological report.  Mai
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  • 02/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 27/9/2019

    Alfie- I enjoyed maths because we are learning more times tables.  Amelia – I enjoyed PE because we are leaning Netball.  Ben – I enjoyed doing RE and drawing pictures of the creation story as it was really calm. Pedro – I have been resilient at writing sentences...
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  • 26/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 20/9/19

    I’ve enjoyed maths because it’s tricky and that helps me – Dylan M I’ve enjoyed writing my Funny Bones story, it was a bit hard at first but then I got more confident with it – Olivia I liked art this week because we sketched real bones! - Pedro
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  • 19/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 13/9/2019

    I have enjoyed the Funnybones learning doing our story plans - Flynn Lottie- I have been respectful to Oak base by playing with them and finding a friend for one to play with. Isla – Showing respect by talking to the Oak base children on the small adventure. I asked her what she had been...
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  • 12/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 6/9/19

    I have enjoyed finding out about the new bone topic ‘Dem Bones’.  Tyler I have enjoyed reading Funnybones and being reciprocal with my partner.  Neve I enjoyed doing maths today and using the maths toolbox to help answer the questions.  Olivia I was respectful to...
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  • 18/07/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 12/7/2019

    This week we were lucky enough to visit Emmanuel Middle School for some taster sessions. We really enjoyed making an elastic band powered boat and we even got to use a saw! (Olivia) We also liked the science session where we watched Mrs Etheridge do some experiments with fire and metals and then we...
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  • 11/07/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 5/7/2019

    This week in Willow Base we have enjoyed creating our very own play scripts based on our class book, The Indoor Pirates. We also enjoyed our striking and fielding lessons in PE and doing some pirate French on Thursday afternoon. This week was also transfer day and we got the chance to spend the day...
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  • 27/06/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 21/6/19

    This week we have really enjoyed making our pirate ship artwork and practicing for Ash and Willow Sports Day.  We have been responsible this week when we continued thinking about caring for our environment. On Friday some children were part of creating a large picture of some of the school...
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  • 19/06/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 7/6/19

    Magic Moment Blog   This week we have enjoyed making junk model sea creatures during our R day (Imogen). We were thinking about being responsible for our planet and the sea creatures will form part of a special project that the eco-team will be helping to create (Henry BH). We have enjoye...
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