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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

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  • 04/12/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 29/11/2019

    This week I have enjoyed our gem reward because it was really fun to make winter Stone Age camps.  Toby This week I have enjoyed going to the church because we got to learn and draw new things you have never seen before.  Oliver W This week I have enjoyed maths because it keeps getti...
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  • 28/11/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 22/11/19

    In literacy I was absorbed in writing my character description of Om.  Lucas In literacy I didn’t sit next to my friends and I listened really well.  Xander R When we were doing PE I persevered with playing football.  Erin I noticed my friend Mya for being a kind friend...
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  • 20/11/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 15/11/2019

    This week Willow base have really enjoyed Vocabulary day because…    I get to wear my fluffy onesie. Toby    we didn’t wear our school uniforms.  Dylan B    doing art based on your word. Amelia,    it was a different learning day...
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  • 13/11/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 8/11/2019

    I have been absorbed in my literacy learning about the Stone Age boy.  Imogen I have been absorbed doing PE, doing football.  Pedro I enjoyed the learning we did it literacy based on retelling the story of The Stone Age boy because we had to think about where to put our pictures...
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  • 06/11/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 25/10/19

    I have enjoyed making our Stone Age tools because it was good to see what the tools were like.  Flynn. I enjoyed making a needle out of cardboard.  Jacob I like finding out about the footprints in Happisburgh because it was fun looking at them.  Xander I enjoyed drawing the a...
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  • 23/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 18/10/2019

    I have really enjoyed playtime with my friends – Romany I have really enjoyed this week about the Stone Age because it’s really nice learning about things from the past.  Leanna I have enjoyed maths because we are learning different ways to make numbers.  Chase I have...
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  • 16/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 11/10/2019

    Olivia – This week I was resilient when I read my book with Mr Bishopp. Lottie – This week I really enjoyed the gem jar reward painting pictures. Bethany – This week I enjoyed painting in the gem jar reward.
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  • 09/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 4/10/2019

    I have enjoyed doing the reading in the mornings as I find it peaceful.  Isla I have enjoyed maths as its been tricky but it has been really good.  Telulah I have enjoyed literacy when we started writing our literacy plans for our non-chronological report.  Mai
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  • 02/10/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 27/9/2019

    Alfie- I enjoyed maths because we are learning more times tables.  Amelia – I enjoyed PE because we are leaning Netball.  Ben – I enjoyed doing RE and drawing pictures of the creation story as it was really calm. Pedro – I have been resilient at writing sentences...
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  • 26/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 20/9/19

    I’ve enjoyed maths because it’s tricky and that helps me – Dylan M I’ve enjoyed writing my Funny Bones story, it was a bit hard at first but then I got more confident with it – Olivia I liked art this week because we sketched real bones! - Pedro
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  • 19/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 13/9/2019

    I have enjoyed the Funnybones learning doing our story plans - Flynn Lottie- I have been respectful to Oak base by playing with them and finding a friend for one to play with. Isla – Showing respect by talking to the Oak base children on the small adventure. I asked her what she had been...
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  • 12/09/19

    Willow Weekly Blog - 6/9/19

    I have enjoyed finding out about the new bone topic ‘Dem Bones’.  Tyler I have enjoyed reading Funnybones and being reciprocal with my partner.  Neve I enjoyed doing maths today and using the maths toolbox to help answer the questions.  Olivia I was respectful to...
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