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  • 13/06/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 10/06/2022

    I have enjoyed reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s about him after Summer, and the cheese touch! (Finlay N) I have enjoyed reading Giraffe, Pelly and Me. It’s about a boy called Billy, a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey clean windows! (Amelia) I had to be resilient this week when we...
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  • 18/05/22

    Willow Base Blog - 13/05/2022

    I enjoyed using Scratch in Computing because I made a Sonic the Hedgehog spin round! (William C) I enjoyed using Scratch too, I made three different aliens, R for Robot, G for Ghost and S Slime! (Renato) Last week I showed patience when I was waiting to have my turn in Potted Sports. (Darcie...
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  • 10/05/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 06/05/2022

    In Potted Sports I was Resilient because on the basketball hoops it didn’t go in to start with but I kept trying and trying. (Olivia) I have enjoyed Potted Sports. The best bit was that everyone was cheering everyone else on. (Milah) I liked Potted Sports, I really liked scoring goals. I...
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  • 29/03/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 25/03/2022

    I have been Reflective this week because I have been looking back on my learning. (Hope) I have enjoyed learning about clocks and telling the time. At home, now I can tell the time on phones! (Milah) A book I have enjoyed reading is the Christmasaurus. It’s about a boy who was lonely, he...
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  • 22/03/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 18/03/2022

    This week I enjoyed going to Kingston Lacy. I enjoyed exploring the house and gardens. (Lucy) This week I also enjoyed going to Kingston Lacy because we drew some beautiful flowers. (Hetty) This week I have learnt how to tell the time including o’clock, quarter past and half past. (Molly...
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  • 14/03/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 11/03/2022

    This week I enjoyed it when the policeman came to visit. As we are going to Kingston Lacy next week, they were talking to us about road safety and keeping safe in car parks. (Sidney) This week I have learnt about the story ‘The Tin Forest’. It’s about an Old man who lives around...
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  • 07/03/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 04/03/2022

    I have enjoyed learning about the Tin Forest because it is an amazing story. (Hope) This week I have shown Reciprocity when we were trying to make towers out of cups! We had to work as a team and we weren’t allowed to touch the cups! (Evie) A book I enjoyed reading this week during ERIC...
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  • 15/02/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 11/02/2022

    Rowan - I have enjoyed learning about how to treat living things smaller than us. We made wormeries!  Alexa  - This week I have shown resilience when i was building my wormery  Charlotte - A book I enjoyed reading this week during ERIC time was 101 Dalmations  Jack...
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  • 07/02/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 04/02/2022

    Charlie - I have enjoyed learning about creating stories and making my own character.  Brooke - This week I have shown Resilience when I worked really hard to complete my literacy. Olivia - A book I enjoyed reading this week during ERIC time was The Christmas pig Ivy - A book I en...
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  • 31/01/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 28/01/2022

    I have enjoyed learning about........ poems - Maisie  metaphors and similes - Olivia  This week I have shown Resilience when...... I was in maths and we were learning about weight - Zak  This week I have shown Respect when...... someone was in front of me. I was...
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  • 24/01/22

    Willow Weekly Blog - 21/01/2022

    I have enjoyed learning...... about what happened 65 million years ago, in our book The Pebble in My Pocket. (Charlie) about Maths where we are learning about cm, m and kms and looking at distance. (Aaron) more about Mary Anning this week. Her brother, Joseph Anning quit fossil hunting in t...
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  • 24/11/21

    Willow Weekly Blog - 19/11/2021

    I have enjoyed learning about the 3, 4 and 8 times tables in Maths. (Renato) This week I did great numbers and I got on the rainbow! (Ivy) This week is anti-bullying week, we have been learning about ‘one kind word’. (Brooke) Here are some things that we are going to do that are...
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