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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Willow Weekly Blog - 16/10/2020

This week I have enjoyed when we went on the computers and did the backgrounds for the animation on Scratch. (Lexi)

I have enjoyed PE because we played a dodging game. (Bobbi)

This week I have been reciprocal when I helped someone at playtime. (Shane)

In Thursday’s maths I had to be resilient and not give up because it was quite hard. (Alyssa)

I was in the learning pit when we were doing literacy and writing lots of sentences. (Ryan)

I was in the learning pit when I was figuring out the column subtraction, I almost gave up but kept going. (Henry)

Next week I am looking forward to going into the iCT suite and doing Scratch. (Evie)

I am looking forward to playing netball in PE. (Lara)