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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Willow Weekly Blog - 11/11/2022

A fab week in Willow we have been delving into our new topic ‘The Brilliant Bronze Age’ and learning lots about why bronze was a really big deal! From watching archaeologist videos to designing Celtic warrior weapons and from writing ‘A day in the life of a Bronze Age child’ diary entries to reading more of our class guided reading text; The Boy with the Bronze Axe.

In maths this week we have been building on our knowledge of column subtraction and have been learning how to recognise other words for subtraction as well as how to complete column subtraction with renaming.

In PE we have been practicing ball skills, learning all about possession and interception and we also begun gymnastics learning about point and patch balances performing sequences.

Throughout the week we have been putting this term’s ‘R’ into practice, modelling resilience and knowing how we don’t have to give up when things are tricky. “We can’t do it….YET!”

My magic memory of the week was writing a diary from the Bronze Age! (Kane)

My magic memory of the week was designing baby Jesus’ bedroom! (Louis)

This week I enjoyed learning about column subtraction in Maths! (Kane)

I was in Challenge Ocean when we were in Maths! We had to use renaming in maths, I will try again next week! (Joshua)

I am looking forward to learning more about renaming in maths! (Max)

Joke of the Week! – Why did Grandma have banana skins on her feet? Because she wanted a new pair of slippers! (George)