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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Willow Weekly Blog - 25/10/19

I have enjoyed making our Stone Age tools because it was good to see what the tools were like.  Flynn.

I enjoyed making a needle out of cardboard.  Jacob

I like finding out about the footprints in Happisburgh because it was fun looking at them.  Xander

I enjoyed drawing the artefacts and finding out what they were, I drew Stonehenge.  Eirwen.

I have enjoyed Maths because we are learning different ways to subtract and make numbers smaller.  Isla

I have enjoyed maths because I have a lovely learning partner and we work well together.  Tellulah

I have been resilient in maths because when we first started taking away in maths I thought I could not do it but then we kept doing it and now I can.  Lola