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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

Willow Weekly Blog - 15/11/2019

This week Willow base have really enjoyed Vocabulary day because…

   I get to wear my fluffy onesie. Toby

   we didn’t wear our school uniforms.  Dylan B

   doing art based on your word. Amelia,

   it was a different learning day. Oliver

   we have done fun things. Imogen

   wearing our dress up clothes.  Xander

This week I have shown resilience by noticing improvements in my maths book and I worked on them with Mr Bishopp.  Pedro

Chase was resilient in literacy when learning about contractions and when he had a go he was keen to do another example.  Mr Bishopp

I have been resilient in maths when we have been doing the renaming in subtraction and now I have kind of got the hang of it.  Charlie