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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery

It’s Cool to be Kind Home Learning due date

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This event will take place between 8:30am and 9:00am on 27/11/2020.

In recent months, we’ve all needed a little extra kindness in our lives. For the week beginning 16th November, we’re asking you to come on a kindness journey with us and celebrate ‘It’s Cool to be Kind Week’ which will run in conjunction with Anti-Bullying week! The idea is simple – over the course of the week, we would love every child from Oak base to Ash base to carry out a random act of kindness at home or in their local community. They will capture what they did in a piece of home learning (by drawing, taking a photo, or writing) - explaining what they did as their act of kindness, and reflecting on how it felt to reach out and be kind to someone else. We will create a display in our school to celebrate our children's efforts. Here are some ideas to get you started; complete some chores around the house, sort your toys and books ready to donate to charity, bake some cupcakes for an elderly neighbour. Please bring the piece of home learning in to your child’s class teacher by Friday 27th November so that we can celebrate these random acts of kindness in Praise Worship and display them proudly!