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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery


Welcome to Ash Base

Year 4

The School Day:

8:30am Ash Base Doors Open and Learning Begins
10:40 - 10:55am KS2 Breaktime
12:00 - 12:55pm Lunch
1:00 - 1:20pm Worship
3:05pm School day ends for Ash

All children are expected to arrive in class by 8.45am at the latest. At this point the classroom doors will close, the registers will be taken and the main school gates will be locked. 

Children attend a total of 32.5 hours a week in school.

Ash Base topics:

Autumn Term

  • Roman Britain

Spring Term

  • Habitats

Summer Term

  • The Ancient Egyptians

Ash Base team:

The teachers in Ash Base are Miss Earley and Mrs Palmer, we also have wonderful teaching assistants to help us.

Information about Ash Base:

Ash Base children are the role models for our school. We behave responsibly and demonstrate how to be good learners. As the eldest children in the school, we demonstrate our understanding of the 6 Rs of learning. We know that good learners are responsible, respectful, resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal. We also know that these are just as important outside of school! We show and model these in our learning, our behaviour and in the completion of important jobs around the school. These jobs include; setting up the hall for worship and helping organise playtime games in our role as Fruit of the Spirit leaders.

We have two classrooms in our base which can be separated by a screen. The screen is usually shut for Literacy, Numeracy and Guided Reading. We love using the ICT suite, which is right next door to us. 

We are the only base that have our own trays to keep our bookbags and things in. If our handwriting is really neat, we get given a pen licence which means we can use our pen in literacy.

Ash base is a fun and exciting base to be in. In the summer term we go to Springhead in Fontmell Magna for three days. Here we learn about plants, animals and our environment. We can even drink from the spring!