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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery


Verwood C.E. First School and Nursery aims to provide an environment where computing is integrated into all aspects of the school in a way which actively supports and promotes motivated life-long learners, helping all to make links to the wider world whilst preparing everyone for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological environment.

Children are encouraged in each year to develop their computing capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and to select and prepare it. They are given opportunities to develop skills in using hardware and software, to manipulate information in the process of word processing, problem solving, programming, data handling and the recording of expressive and creative work.

Children explore the uses of computing and develop their attitudes towards its values for themselves, others and society. We encourage the children to see the computer as a tool for learning across the whole of the First School curriculum and to be responsible for careful use of the resources.

We will support and develop the children’s understanding of how to stay safe in the cyber world as well as the chance to work alongside staff in developing their knowledge of and proficiency in using different technologies. Children will be made aware of the possible risks when using the internet through a rolling programme of assemblies and throughout computing lessons. We are very aware that as our society moves towards the use of technology in all aspects of daily life, it is important to give our children a good start as they begin to become literate with all aspects of computing.