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Verwood Church of England First School and Nursery


Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the
education of the young - Aristotle

Music is a fundamental feature of human existence.  It is found in all societies, throughout history and across the world.  Music plays an important role in our children’s development. As such it demands an equal place in the school curriculum.   

Learning music is similar to first experiences in language. The early stages are intuitive, depending on listening, and involving a great deal of memorising, imitation and experimentation. Gradually, one experience builds upon another, and musical skills and concepts are acquired in a logical progression.  Children learn at different rates, and an interest, enjoyment and sense of achievement should be encouraged in all. We use the Dorset Music Service programme Charanga to contribute towards the delivery of our music lessons. 

 As a school we will ensure that: 

  • children are encouraged to perform existing music, and also create and compose music of their own
  • children leave school enjoying some form of music making and listening to music
  • children will have access to a broad and balanced music curriculum, and a range of extra-curricular activities

At Verwood CE First School and Nursery we aim to develop the ability to compose and perform with understanding to provide for the progressive development of appreciation and awareness of sound patterns, movement skills and the capacity to use music as a medium for self-expression. 

We aim to provide a balanced programme for all children, with practical activities and discussion providing experience in singing, composing, performing, recording, listening and appraising. These activities may be carried out as a class or in a small group, and may take place within the classroom or hall.

We aim to plan work using a cross-curricular approach as well as developing music skills for their own sake. 

We also provide opportunities for children in Ash for children to learn a musical instrument, which is led by the Dorset Music Service.  Throughout the school year the children are given the opportunity to perform to each other, parents and members of the local community. Children who learn a musical instrument outside school are also encouraged to share their skills with their peers.